Definition Hotel, Characteristics, Types and Classification Hotel

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Definition Hotels, Hotel is a form of buildings, symbols, corporate or business entity that provides services accommodation lodging, food and beverage and other service facilities where all service is intended for the general public, both those who stay overnight at the hotel or those who simply use certain facilities owned by the hotel. Understanding this hotel can be inferred from some hotels such as the definitions below:
a. One type of accommodation that use part or all of the services to lodging, food and beverage and other services to the general public who managed commercial (Ministerial Decree No. Km 94/HK103/MPPT Parpostel 1987)
b. Buildings which are managed commercially by providing lodging facilities to the general public with the following facilities:
1) Services inn
2) The service food and beverage
3) Service of luggage
4) Washing clothes
5) Use of facility furnishings and decorations in it.
(Sri Endar, 1996:8)
c. Common means of shelter for travelers by providing room service, food and beverage and accommodation with the payment terms (Lawson, 1976:27)

Characteristics Hotel
The difference between the hotel and other industries are:
a. Hotel industry is capital-intensive industries classified as labor intensive as well as a means of managing a large venture capital needed to force many workers.
b. Influenced by the circumstances and changes in economic, political, social, cultural, and security where the hotel is located.
c. Produces and markets its products in conjunction with the place where its services produced.
d. Operates 24 hours a day, without a day off in service to hotel customers and society at large.
e. Treat customers like kings but also to treat customers as partners in business because of the hotel services are very dependent on the number of customers who use the hotel facilities.

Hotel Type
Determination of type of hotel can not be separated from the customers' needs and distinctive characteristics or properties owned by tourists (Tarmoezi, 2000):
5) Based on this, can be seen from the location where the hotel is built, thus grouped into:

a. City Hotel
Hotel is located in urban areas, usually reserved for people who intend to stay a while (in the short term). City Hotel also known as a transit hotel because it is usually occupied by business people who use the facilities and business services provided by the hotel.
b. Residential Hotel
Hotel is located in the area pinngiran big city far from the bustle of the city, but easy to reach places of business. The hotel is located in quiet areas, especially as intended for people who want to stay in a long time. By itself this hotel are equipped with complete living facilities for the whole family.
c. Resort Hotel
Hotel is located in the mountains (mountain hotel) or by the beach (beach hotel), on the shores of the lake or on the banks of the river flow. Hotels like this are primarily for families who want to rest on holidays or for those who want to play.
d. Motel (Motor Hotel)
Hotel is located in the suburbs or along the highway that dial-in to one city with other major cities, or on the edge of the highway near the gate or the big city limits. The hotel is intended as a temporary resting place for those who travel by public transport or your own car. Therefore, this hotel provides facilities for car garage.

In terms of Rooms Hotel
According Tarmoezi (Tarmoezi, 2000:3), the number of rooms reserved, the hotel can be divided into:
a. Small Hotel
Number of rooms available a maximum of 28 rooms.
b. Medium Hotels
Number of rooms provided between 28-299 rooms.
c. Large Hotels
Number of rooms provided by more than 300 rooms.

Classification Hotel
According to the decision of the directorate General of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications No. 22/U/VI/1978 dated June 12, 1978 (Sri Endar, 1996: 9), the classification of hotel is distinguished by using the star symbol between 1-5. The more stars that owned a hotel, the more quality hotel. Assessment carried out for 3 years with the ordinance and its adoption by the Directorate General of Tourism.


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